Aldis signalling lamp

Aldis signalling lamp

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  • Aldis lamp — /ˈɔldəs læmp/ (say awlduhs lamp) noun a portable signalling lamp. {trademark} …  

  • Aldis lamp — [ ɔ:ldɪs] noun trademark a hand held lamp for signalling in Morse code. Origin First World War: named after the British inventor Arthur C. W. Aldis …   English new terms dictionary

  • Aldis lamp — n. a hand lamp for signalling in Morse code. Etymology: A. C. W. Aldis, its inventor …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Flag semaphore — is a system for conveying information at a distance by means of visual signals with hand held flags, rods, disks, paddles, or occasionally bare or gloved hands. Information is encoded by the position of the flags; it is read when the flag is in a …   Wikipedia

  • Signaller — For signallers in rail transport, see Signalman (rail). A US Army signaller (25Q) erecting a 30 meter mast antenna In the armed forces, a signaller or signaleer is a specialist soldier or seaman or airman responsible for military communications.… …   Wikipedia

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